Utica, Ohio's Local Feed & Hardware Store

Livestock, & Pet Feeds

At our local feed store, we carry many kinds of feed for livestock and domestic animals. Feel free to use our convenient drive-thru for picking up your feed and other miscellaneous items. Our friendly staff will help you find and load your purchases.

Feed & Grain

  • Cat/Kitten Food
  • Dog/Puppy Food
  • Senior Speciality Feed
  • Livestock Feed
  • Show Feed
  • Bird Seed

Misc. Items

  • Trophy Rocks
  • Top Bedding
  • Salt Lick
  • Water Softener
  • Kitty Litter

Show Feeds


Utica Feed and Hardware carries a variety of show feeds including our own specially formulated show feeds.

You put a lot of time into raising your livestock and are proud to show them off at the county fairs, so you want to be careful what you feed them.

We also carry the following brands of show feeds:

  • Akey
  • Buckeye

Our experienced staff is here to answer any of your show feed questions.